Discussion Paper

The discussion paper that we have posted here summarizes the research process of the first year of the project, including the results of the consultations, some key themes and findings from the literature, and highlights from a series of key informant interviews. We invite you to read the paper and provide us with your feedback.
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Evaluation Primer

There are limited resources and information on concurrent substance use disorders and schizophrenia, particularly from a Canadian perspective. Access to information about treatment programs and health professionals across the country is not centralized or coordinated. Given the complexities of concurrent schizophrenia and substance use disorder, from a treatment and diagnostic perspective, the need for centralized, up to-date information is critical. This evaluation primer is a tool that can be used by practitioners to assess the effectiveness of the services and programs they offer and, in so doing, build best practices for the field.
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The booklets provide a user-friendly summary of the information on the site. You will require Adobe Acrobat to download the files.
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